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Pediatrician Examining Infant

Private Duty Nursing

There are several reasons why a family may want to use the services of a private duty nurse, but usually the daily needs of the child go beyond the daily care needs of other children. Usually, the child’s physician must also deem the nursing care a medical necessity. The physician does not make the decision alone. A team of nurses, social workers and discharge planners also work with families to determine how best to care for the child’s needs in the home.

At Homecare Continuum, we have extensive experience and are fully licensed and insured to take on your child’s unique needs. We understand that your child is an individual, which is why we work so hard to understand just what you and your family need from us. We understand that children are most effectively cared for in a warm, nurturing environment and where is more comfortable than their own home?

Our director of nursing has over fifteen years of experience in pediatric home care, which allows us to quickly build effective systems for your unique needs. All our staff members are parents too so you can rest assured that our team will take care of your child as we would our own. There is no wait list to receive our care, which means we can get started as soon as you need us and our services are often paid for by insurance company’s. In case of an out-of-pocket pay, we charge weekly and at an extremely competitively rates.

In addition to our nursing care, we can also advocate on your behalf and help you access resources that will make your child’s quality of life better and easier.

If you are based in Houston, Texas, or the surrounding areas and you are looking for comprehensive pediatric private duty nursing care do not hesitate to contact us. We are friendly, approachable as well as experienced and highly skilled at what we do.

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At Homecare Continuum, we are proud to offer a range of pediatric nursing services as well as being able to offer tangible support to families. Based in Houston, Texas, we are a unique team that can bring you both nursing and therapeutic resources.

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